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Recent courses taught at Georgetown University include:

In the Art History Dept:

The Body in Ancient Art (senior seminar)

Jewish Artists in the Twentieth Century

Symbols of Faith: Art in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Traditions

In the Theology Dept:

Four Modern Jewish Masters

Jewish Mysticism

Magic & Religion in the Greco-Roman World: The Beginnings of Judaism and Christianity

Modern Jewish Thought

Problem of God

Theological Implications of the Holocaust

For the Center for Jewish Civilization (CJC):

Definition of Jewish Art

**God and the Goal Posts: Religion, Sports, War and Politics

Introduction to Jewish Civilization

*Kabbalah in its Contexts: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Mysticism

Modern Jewish Thought: From Spinoza to Arendt

From Moses to Muhhamad: Judaism and Islam

Symbols of Faith

**Theological Implications of the Holocaust

*Untangling the Web of the Middle East

For the Liberal Studies Program:

Greek and Roman Epic Poetry

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Art, Literature and Historiography (Core Doctoral Seminar)

Introduction to Judaism

Plato and His World

**The Idea of the Italian Renaissance

Theological Implications of the Holocaust

*Untangling the Web of the Middle East

At the Villa Le Balze, Fiesole, Italy

Jews and Christians in the Shaping of Italy

* Courses being taught this semester: Fall, 2016.

**Courses being taught in Spring, 2017.


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