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Recent courses taught at Georgetown University include:

In the Art History Dept:

The Body in Ancient Art (senior seminar)

Jewish Artists in the Twentieth Century

Symbols of Faith: Art in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Traditions

In the Theology Dept:

Four Modern Jewish Masters

Jewish Mysticism

Magic & Religion in the Greco-Roman World: The Beginnings of Judaism and Christianity

Modern Jewish Thought

Problem of God

Theological Implications of the Holocaust

For the Center for Jewish Civilization (CJC):

Definition of Jewish Art

**God and the Goal Posts: Religion, Sports, War and Politics

Introduction to Jewish Civilization

Kabbalah in its Contexts: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Mysticism

*Magic and religion in the Greco-Roman world

Modern Jewish Thought: From Spinoza to Arendt

**From Moses to Muhhamad: Judaism and Islam

*Symbols of Faith

**Theological Implications of the Holocaust

*Untangling the Web of the Middle East

For the Liberal Studies Program:

*Greek and Roman Epic Poetry

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Art, Literature and Historiography (Core Doctoral Seminar)

Introduction to Judaism

**Plato and His World

The Idea of the Italian Renaissance

Theological Implications of the Holocaust

Untangling the Web of the Middle East

At the Villa Le Balze, Fiesole, Italy

Jews and Christians in the Shaping of Italy

* Courses being taught this semester: Fall, 2017.

**Courses being taught in Spring, 2018.


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